Plymouth MA Plymouth Rock
Boston Female jazz vocalist Leah Souza
Boston Jazz Quartet
Boston Female jazz singer Leah Souza
Boston Wedding Entertainment Nightclubs Restaurant Hotel Function Band Leah Souza
Portuguese Singer Vocalist
Cape Cod Jazz Band Entertainment
With pianist Paul McWilliams and my voice instructor nationally renowned jazz songstress Rebecca Parris.
After an evening concert at The Plymouth Waterfront with Johnny Souza III and Gary Johnson Back row-Dino Govoni, Dick Johnson, Archie Kubota, Yasko Kubota, Johnny Souza.
The Leah Souza Quartet at The Mall at Chestnut Hill's Jazz Series with  Alexei Tsiganov,  Dave Landoni  and Johnny Souza.
The Leah Souza Trio  at The Radisson Hotel Pub with (Bela Sarkozy, Steve Silverstein and Steve Skop.
The Leah Souza Quintet after performing  at Borders Cafe in Boston, MA The band featured Dave Zox, Al Vega, Johnny Souza and Harvey Brower.
The Leah Souza Trio at The Parlor Lounge at The Paddock Restaurant in Hyannis, MA  with John Harrison and Dave Landoni.
After performing at Ryles Jazz Club with  Ray Santisi, Barry Smith, Johnny Souza, Gene Roma, Greg Abate & Johnny Souza III.
The Leah Souza Quartet at Les Zygomates in Boston with Johnny Souza/trumpet, PeterKontrimas/bass and Micheal Shea/piano.)
The Leah Souza Quartet performing a show at Ryles Jazz Club on May 23, 2006. Michael Shea piano, Leah Souza/vocals, David Landoni/bass, Rick Klane/drums & special guest Johnny Souza on trumpet.
The Souza Band at a private event. (The Souza Band performs  jazz  music at corporate events, parties, weddings and concerts.)
The Souza Band after performing an outdoor concert on July 19, 2006.
The Leah Souza Quartet with special guests Johnny Souza & Johnny Souza III after performing to a packed house at Ryles Jazz Club on August 29, 2006.